Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Apartment on East Campus

There are three campuses to Bilkent University, and our international school and staff housing are on East Campus. We are our own little community complete with playground and "Mehmet's Bufe" which means Mehmet, this guy, has a little snack shop where he sells some fresh bread, produce, snacks, as well as icecream and cold drinks for hot days. We also have a bus stop where we can catch free university buses into downtown Ankara, the other campuses of Bilkent, the supermarket, gym, etc. The high school is within walking distance, so no more 18 mile commutes to school in the morning.

We are up on a hill overlooking Ankara on the southwest edge of the city. It is relatively quiet here...not as quiet as Braig Road in Montana....night time there was so quiet, it was like sleeping inside a bubble. But it's extremely quiet for a city of 4 million living not too far away. My first night here I was a little worried, because there was some loud live music coming up the hill into my apartment. While I was trying to fall alseep in my strange new home, I heard horrible Turkish karaoke, including a Turkish version of "I Will Survive." And I wondered, Will I? But I haven't heard much more of that, and so far am really happy with my living situation.


Kristen said...

Sounds like quite a time already! I wonder, how far ahead or behind in time is Turkey from the US? I'll be interested to read more about your adventure across seas! I just had a geography course at my college and fell in love with it.. we learned all about Turkey and other countries surrounding it. Have fun! =)

Dana W. said...

Sounds like karaoke can be annoying in any language ;) The pictures are terrific. I look forward to more updates as you start teaching and explore more in Ankara. Take care of you!