Sunday, February 22, 2009

After the Snowstorm

It snowed on and off this week, and even though teachers pooled money together to bet on which day we would get off from school, we never got a snowday. Today the sky cleared for the first time all week, and I was inspired to take pictures. I could see mountains across the valley that I had never seen before (usually there is a lot of pollution). So on my walk to main campus for my Turkish lesson this morning, I took some pictures. Nothing fancy, but I have been posting a lot of gorgeous pictures of my travels, and these are almost more important as they give the feeling of my day-to-day life here. These are the sights I see on a daily basis (usually without the snow). Stark, ugly, plain, beautiful, dismal, simple, barren, you can decide. This is Bilkent, the area of Ankara in which I live.

the road that leads down to the gym and the supermarket, the road that takes us towards the city

the bus stop, where i spend a lot of time waiting

bilkent main campus

mountains i never saw before today

taken from main campus, looking up at our apartments in east campus

the shopping plaza where we do all our grocery shopping

the cafe where i have my private turkish lessons

the reservoir where our (orange) drinking water comes from

Sports International: the gym I belong to; my winter salvation

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Bones said...

I'd say beautiful, but it looks like you decided to capture it on a nice non-polluted day. You should post the same picture series this summer for the contrast:) Now, where's the shot of you skiing down those hills? Can't wait to meet and team up on some adventures this summer...