Saturday, May 30, 2009


New to me, Eurovision is as popular in Europe as American Idol is in the U.S. Perhaps I didn't know this, because I haven't owned a TV in my adult life??
Well, anyway, for those of you that don't know what Eurovision is, it is a popsong competition between each country in Europe. Turkey won 4th place this year, and they're proud.
It is a BUPS tradition to throw a Eurovision party, in which each attendee picks a country at random, and has to dress like someone from that country and bring a food and drink from that country to share. I picked Portugal, so I dressed in a traditional folksy way, and brought Rose Wine and Grilled Tomato spread. We had the party in the nasty basement laundry room of one of our apartment buildings. The wine and food was spread out over the laundry machines. We borrowed a projector from school, and projected the streamed Eurovision show onto the white wall. When a country's song act began, the person representing that country had to pour their drink in everyone's cup, and you all had to finish it by the end of the song, before the next drink arrives. We drank a medley of wine, beer, G&Ts, raki, rum, etc. And unless you sat by the sink like me and were able to dump some of the drinks out, you got pretty silly and were in bed quite early. But the party started at 3pm, so bedtime was early, like 9pm.

You'll recognize Mother Teresa from Albania, a unibrowed man from Turkey, a dalmation from Croatia, a punk from the UK, a Hasidic Jew from Israel, Vlad (Count Dracula) from Romania, etc. You know, all the politically correct figures you'd naturally expect an international community to be sensitive enough to depict. :)

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