Tuesday, March 16, 2010


When I announced at lunch on Friday that I was leaving for Cappadoccia right after school, my English Dept. head said, "Aren't you always in Cappadoccia?" I don't know what myth exists concerning my love for the place, but I believe this was only my 3rd time. But for being the closest getaway -a 3 1/2 hours drive away - 3 times doesn't seem like it's enough. And considering its magic and charm, it really is a true getaway. Those two words are so overused in Guidebooks, but really, there aren't two better words to describe Cappadoccia. I would also add "full of eccentrics," because whenever I go there, I always have funny run-ins with the locals. Imagine living in a small tourist town where everyone works and lives in caves- that's gotta attract a different kind of people. Well, this weekend's adventures entailed renting mountain bikes to ride through the spring-touched fairy chimneys - what a sight for sore eyes, the flowering trees and green grass!-, wine-tasting at a winery in Urgup and hanging out with the wine pourer on a restaurant terrace afterwards (what's the name of that profession?), and eating yummy Turkish food at outside cafes. Oh yeah, and LOTS of laughing. Shauna and Wowie this weekend will definitely help me last three more weeks 'til Spring Break.

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