Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Well, the apartment is decorated thanks to a care package from Mom and the global commercialization of Western holidays....even a Muslim country can make money off of Santa! Today was the last day of school before our first December break, a weeklong Muslim holiday. Thank goodness, because, as warned, the weeks leading up to Winter Break are the most stressful of the year. The seniors are sending off college applications and asking for letters of recommendations and critiques of college essays, the IB curriculum is at the heart and heat of its rigor, and semester finals are coming in 20 school days. The students are fried, and I am fried. I also came down with my first winter illness; easy enough, you don't need to see a doctor to get antibiotics. You can just go to the pharmacy and buy them. So far I have been able to avoid a foreign healthcare system and a language barrier when sick; I have been fortunate. Anyway, I have an agenda to feel better by Sunday, for I am hopping on a plane and flying to sunny, warmer southern Turkey to do some rock climbing. The Med! I anticipate it will be my favorite part of Turkey after all the stories and pics I have seen from my friends' travels there. It will be so nice to get away. Sigh.

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