Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rock Climbing around Antalya Part 2: Olympos

Andrew had to take off on Wednesday to get back to his wife and son. I planned to stay on two more days, and with the car, do some sightseeing. However, upon meeting Steve, I decided to make the best of having a climbing partner and all my gear with me, and we headed off to Olympos. We drove along coastal highway 400 to the ancient Lycean town of Olympos, to head into the national park along the beach to climb.

On our way to the beach, we passed some Roman ruins. Ruins either do it for you or they don't. I know several international teachers who are ruined-out; to them, ruins have become "old" and "falling apart." I haven't seen enough of them to be desensitized yet; I see "old" and "falling apart" as beautiful when there is "new" and "green" growing in and around them.

What a reward to get to the top of a climb and glimpse the ocean! Unfortunately, I only have pics of Andrew and Steve climbing. They have the pics of me on their camera.

Dusk on the Med...

That night, we stayed at the Kadir Tree Houses, advertised to be a climbers' pensyon consisting of, well, dormitory-style tree houses. The novelty of staying in a tree house was pretty neat, but it was freezing in this tight little valley, the bar across the street cranked loud American music from the 90s til 2am, and then at 3am, the local rooster possy started their thang, and continued til the sun came up.

Cold and groggy the next morning, we decided to leave Olympos for one more climbing area...

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