Sunday, April 25, 2010

Eymir Lake

Ankara's Couchsurfing group has started a list of 100 things to do in Ankara on their listserv. So far they are only at 26, and some wiseass added "#27: Find a way to escape Ankara." But Wowie, Shauna, and I are on a kick to complete this list by the time the two of them leave Ankara (they did not sign on for a third year like me). So on Friday, we had a half-day of work due to the national holiday, Children's Day. The three of us hopped into my car afterschool on a beautiful sunny day and headed to Eymir lake, a freshwater lake 20km from the city center.
We had lunch at Bag Evi on the lake: Then we took a walk around the lake, which takes about 2 hours, and is fully paved. (a nice rollerblading path....started missing those 'fruit boots')
There are also rowboats and paddleboats to rent, as well as crew teams practicing. There are a few outdoor cafes around the lake, some fancier than others. I want to return to the ones with cushions on the green grass.
And the frogs were out of this world:

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