Saturday, November 8, 2008

OBAMA won!!!

Election night was very special this year, as I celebrated it with not only my American friends, but friends from Australia, Canada, England, etc.. as our next president greatly affects all these countries as well. My friend, Stacy, and I camped out on her living room floor and watched worldCNN all night as the results rolled in, falling asleep and waking up on-and-off to see the progression. Finally, at 6am, with the sun rising on the horizon, from far off in the distance, I heard the words, "Barack Obama has been elected the United States' 44th president." and I opened my eyes. What amazing words to wake up to! At school that day, students stopped by their American teachers' rooms all day to congratulate them. The feeling of hope and excitement filled the halls of our international school, and that evening the teachers gathered to celebrate the commencement of this hope!

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