Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Three performances and one cast party later...

The Aladdin performances were really fun! Saturday night, a busload of BUPS teachers came, and since the play is so interactive, it gave us energy to recognize our friends' voices shouting out at us, and Aladdin (Stacy) even called up the physics teacher to rub her magic ring! The dragon, by far, is the most ridiculous character I've played, randomly crossing the stage at inopportune times, with legs and arms kicking in all directions (there are two of us in the costume, but let it be noted that I was the head). The kids loved the dragon, and when they came out after the show to meet us, their eyes got real big when the dragon said "hello" to them. Sunday's matinée performance was like the romper room on crack. There were so many kids in the audience, and they took the interactive element to an insane level, hollering out all sorts of random things at the wrong time making it hard for the actors to deliver their lines. Overall, British panto theatre was definitely a new experience for me, but super fun.

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